Excelfore to demonstrate in-vehicle networking and OTA updates at TU-Automotive Expo

May 2017

Delivers end-to-end connected car solutions working with Tier-1 automotive suppliers

Fremont, Calif., May 31, 2017 – Excelfore, a leading force in smart mobility networks, today announced that it will be showcasing its latest in-vehicle networking and OTA software technology at TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 conference and exhibition.

Excelfore will be running live demos at booth C233. An in-vehicle networking solution jointly developed with Molex will showcase multiple network standards, including Gigabit automotive Ethernet, 100megabit automotive Ethernet, CAN and USB, with a diverse set of sensors, displays and Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

Excelfore and Alpine will jointly demonstrate Excelfore’s eSync solution for over the air (OTA) automotive updates to a head unit running Google Android N with the latest automotive functionality, as well as an AUTOSAR-based ECU (Electronic Control System) on a CAN (Controller Area Network) bus reached over a Molex Ethernet Gateway/Switch.

With 150 speakers, a 200,000-square foot exhibition and 3,000 attendees, TU-Automotive Detroit is the world’s biggest conference and exhibition for connected and autonomous cars.

TU-Automotive Detroit 2017
17th Annual Connected Car Conference and Expo
June 7th–8th
The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI
Booth C233

Complex network environment
The Excelfore and Molex joint in-vehicle networking demo will present a complex automotive environment with multiple networks. It will include a 1000Base-T1 Gigabit Ethernet backbone between several gateway switches. Each gateway switch will also aggregate multiple 100Base-T1 100Mb Ethernet peripherals and provide a gateway to non-Ethernet networks, such as CAN. The Gigabit Ethernet backbone enables large amounts of data to be transmitted around the car, without requiring many different cables.

The networking demo will include a head unit, three cameras, two seatback displays, and a USB media module to plug in media content. It will also incorporate automotive-related components including ECUs on multiple CAN busses. All of these components will be seen working smoothly together across multiple network boundaries.

OTA updating of multiple devices and vehicles
Excelfore will be showcasing the capabilities of its eSync solution for providing OTA updates to various devices on the in-vehicle networks. The eSync system can reach any number of components in the vehicle, and the demo will show eSync’s ability to update multiple different devices, from different vendors, running different operating systems, across multiple networks through a single OTA update.

Excelfore will also demonstrate for the first time how a single OTA update can reach similar ECUs in different vehicles.  In this case, with two distinct and dissimilar networks on display, a single OTA will reach the same model ECU in both in-vehicle environments.

This capability means that auto makers can easily manage the distribution of new software updates across their entire fleet of models, addressing vehicles with differing network configurations and operating systems. This reduces complexity, thus making it easier to complete the update in a timely manner.

The eSync solution provides secure transactions with the vehicle, and with the various devices within the vehicle.  It can be used to deliver and update software and firmware over the air, helping avoid the need for costly vehicle recalls, as well as for pulling diagnostics and telematics data from the devices in the vehicle.

About Excelfore

Excelfore, located in Silicon Valley, is an innovative provider of cloud platform and connectivity applications for intelligent transportation. It provides middleware solutions for smart mobility networks that enable OEMs and suppliers to build the next generation of smart, autonomous and learning vehicles, fleets and associated infrastructure. Excelfore products include the eAVB™ protocol stack for in-vehicle Ethernet TSN (time-sensitive networking), as well as the cloud-to-vehicle eSync™ system for OTA updates, diagnostics and telematics. www.excelfore.com

E-mail: pr@excelfore.com

Reader Contact:  smartmobility@excelfore.com


eSync is a trademark, and Excelfore is a registered trademark, of Excelfore Corporation.

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Excelfore Smart Mobility Demonstrations during CES2017 Showcase Wide Range of Industry Cooperation

January 2017

Excelfore Smart Mobility Demonstrations during CES2017 Showcase Wide Range of Industry Cooperation

In-Vehicle and Vehicle to Cloud Networking Middleware Provides the Glue for Connected Vehicle Platforms


Las Vegas, January 3rd, 2017 – Excelfore announced that the company will be demonstrating smart mobility networking solutions for in-vehicle and vehicle to cloud networks during the Consumer Electronics Show, CES2017, in Las Vegas. Excelfore demonstrations will include an in-vehicle network architecture with 1Gbit Ethernet backbone, multiple 100Mbit star clusters, headunit, smart antenna, sensors, CAN ECUs, USB ports for smartphones, all with OTA update capability and end-to-end security. Excelfore demonstrations during CES are by appointment only. Interested parties are invited to inquire at: www.excelfore/ces2017.


Eco-System Partnerships

Shrikant Acharya, Chief Technology Officer at Excelfore said, “Creating scalable and secure end-to-end connectivity is not just a question of technologies, but of behaviors and discipline. A system level architectural approach is needed, which takes into account networks and hardware in the vehicle, services in the cloud, and mechanisms of rolling out updates to vehicles. No one company can do it all. It requires cooperation among many participants, an approach that can be seen in the results we are showcasing with our partners during CES.”


The Excelfore demonstrations bring together multiple network technologies such as CAN, Ethernet, Audi-Video Bridging / Time-Sensitive Networking (AVB/TSN), USB, WiFi and cellular. Multiple operating systems including Linux, GENIVI Linux, Mentor Connected OS Linux, QNX, Integrity and AutoSAR are also showcased. Acharya continued, adding, “We can all agree that we don’t want to re-invent the wheel. But it’s not just wheels. The automotive industry has a great deal of legacy technology. The best way to navigate the transition to smart mobility is a systematic approach to bring those technologies together, not re-inventing them.”


About Excelfore:
Excelfore Corporation, located in Silicon Valley, enables smart mobility networks with a scalable and secure unified middleware framework. Excelfore products include the eAVB™ protocol stack for in-vehicle Ethernet time-sensitive networking, as well as cloud-to-vehicle eSync™ software update management, eDiagnostics™
smart diagnostics, and eMatics™ fleet prognostics and fleet learning.

Press Contact: John Reed, Elevator Communications
Phone: +1 415 846-4862 / E-mail: jreed@elevatorpr.com
Reader Contact: smartmobility@excelfore.com

Excelfore is registered trademark of Excelfore Corporation.



Partner Companies Participating in Excelfore CES2017 Demonstrations



Excelfore and IOActive will work together on verifying the effectiveness of security mechanisms and structures of deployed FOTA/SOTA solutions. According to John Sheehy, VP of Sales, Strategy and Strategic Services of IOActive, “Thorough assessments for vulnerabilities provide a heightened level of confidence to OEMs, and security to the end consumer.”


ITK Engineering

Excelfore and ITK Engineering have worked together to provide embedded in-vehicle network and cloud-to-vehicle security and safety. “Safety and cyber security are key aspects of connected cars that will shape the automotive industry in the coming years. To ensure functional safety in connected or autonomous cars it is absolutely necessary to integrate a close and comprehensive security concept”, said Matthias Gemmar, ITK’s Head of Strategy.


Mentor Automotive

Mentor Automotive and Excelfore cooperation includes SOTA cloud-based updating and in-vehicle Ethernet AVB/TSN networking for the Mentor Connected OS Linux operating system and Volcano AutoSAR based electronic control units for automotive applications. According to Glenn Perry, VP and GM of Embedded Systems Division, “It is important that software vendors work together to advance the technology for robust and proven solutions with end-to-end connectivity in the automotive arena.”
Mentor will be showing the joint OTA demonstration by invitation at the Westgate. Both Mentor Automotive and Excelfore will also show their joint SOTA demonstrations at the GENIVI Alliance Event at the Bellagio Hotel on the evening of January 5, from 6:00pm-9:00pm.



Molex and Excelfore have cooperated on development of a full in-vehicle end-to-end connectivity solution with FOTA/SOTA capability. According to Dave Atkinson, Director of Business Development at Molex, “Automotive OEMs are looking for a total systems approach to connectivity as they integrate new features and capabilities into the car.”
Molex will demonstrate their full in-vehicle solution by invitation in their suite in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas during CES.



O-film and Excelfore have cooperated on the development of infotainment and instrumentation OTA upgrade capability. Longbing Zhang, VP and General Manager of the Infotainment Business Unit at O-Film, observed, “Infotainment can drive strong consumer preferences. With OTA, OEMs can offer added value of personalization to their in-vehicle experience.”
O-film will demonstrate their instrument cluster with OTA personalization at CES in the Tech East LVCC North Hall booth 3531.

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