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openAVB Software for Professional Applications

The openAVB Software for Professional Applications is an initiative of Excelfore and Barco. The main goal is to make available open, standardized components to accelerate time to market of Ethernet AVB products in the professional audio-video (AV) segment.

The Ethernet AVB standard is emerging as the leading technology in the connectivity segment. The key advantage is the means to control and deliver AV payloads to all display devices using a simple, single CAT6 cable interface.

The professional AV industry will greatly benefit from offerings of the openAVB software stack components. This will foster greater standardization in the industry and drive innovation and faster market growth for professional AV products.


Advantages of Excelfore Software standardization

Open Platform for 3rd-party app development Industry Specific Enhancements Creation of an industry coordinated and managed App Interface and Appstore (for Android and HTML5 Apps)

The Excelfore AVB Stack includes all software components necessary to build a full production AVB system. It is available as an open platform at reasonable licensing terms.



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Contact us at openavb@excelfore.com