Digital Lifecycle Management Platform

1.  eSync:  Data Pipeline
Reach All Edge Devices in the Vehicle
Bi-Directional:  OTA Updating and Data Gathering
2. eDatX:  Aggregation, Storage and Access to the Data
Manage Flow, Quantity and Formats

3. eLearn:  Data Analytics
Predictive Analytics Driven by Use-Cases
Machine Learning / Adaptive

eDatX Data Aggregation

eDatX allows OTA updatable rules/policy based data retention and granularity adjustments to provide a comprehensive toolset to gather the right data, in the right amounts, from any number of vehicles.

eDatX seamlessly integrates with the eSync data pipeline, to manage the flow of data from all electronic devices across any number of vehicles. eDatX offers a secure service oriented architecture to provide access to the data from heterogeneous networks to drive system efficiencies, learning cycles, and data monetization opportunities in the automotive and related markets

eDatX Data Aggregation

eSync Data Gathering

  • Data Transmission over MQTT – Upto 128KB Packet Size
  • Secure TLS 1.2 Communication Channel
  • Device Authentication
  • Policy-Based and OTA-Configurable Data Gathering
  • Scalable Architecture

eDatX Data Ingestion

  • Rules-Based Configuration and Data Trimming
  • Streaming Data Preprocessing and Transformation using Open Source Tools
  • Data Published to Queue
  • Data Stored in Topics for a Configurable Retention Period

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