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eSync and eDatX solutions are both available on AWS

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Excelfore is the market leading provider of over-the-air (OTA), in-vehicle network stack and diagnostic solutions for the  automotive industry.  Excelfore is the leading provider of secure and automated policy-driven device management solutions including OTA, Diagnostics, Data Aggregation and Analytics for the automotive industry.  It has over 20 million vehicles under deployment contracts with over 10 global automotive OEMs in 14 car models.

Success Stories

Large Updates for a Major European Automaker

Excelfore eSync provides Joynext with a scalable and secure OTA platform that efficiently installs large software updates for Android infotainment devices in their customer’s vehicles.  This enables cost-effective connectivity for rapid feature enhancement and a happier car-buying public on a global basis.

Driving Autonomous Technology through more Frequent Updates

PlusAI uses Excelfore eSync to provide more frequent updates to its customers, driving faster advancement of autonomous driving technology, while still maintaining operational costs within budget.

Secure OTA for Cost-Sensitive Markets

Excelfore eSync provides Ficosa with a scalable and secure OTA platform that allows for efficient OTA updates for Telematics units and other connected devices in MSIL vehicles. This enables improved connectivity, reduced costs associated with software-related recalls, and the ability to adapt and grow the solution for the future.


  • Excelfore eSync Server on the AWS Cloud
  • eSync Client and Agent(s) in the vehicle
  • Proven OTA solution for mixed environments with Devices running:
    • Linux, Android, AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive, QNX, Integrity, FreeRTOS, Erika, mVelOSity, SysBIOS (and more)
  • Proven OTA solution for hypervisored platforms with multiple virtual machines
  • Proven OTA solution for containerized environments
  • In production since 2018
  • Deploying in Asia, Europe and North America
  • Deployed by over 10 OEMs

Easy Starting Point on AWS Marketplace

eSync OTA Agent SDK for AWS


Videos and Blogs

Excelfore Presentation at the AWS Booth CES 2023

ARM DevSummit 2022 Masterclass:
Joint Presentation on eSync for Containerized Environments and Parity with Digital Twins on AWS

Blog: How Excelfore Uses the AWS Cloud to Develop and Deliver Continuous Software Updates for Software Defined Vehicles

Blog: Building a Scalable Standardized Pipeline for Automotive OTA on AWS

Complete with Advanced AWS Services

Managed Service Purpose
Amazon EKS Fully hosted scalable Kubernetes control plane
Amazon RDS Postgres engine for OTA payload and status database
Amazon MQ Messaging broker service
Amazon OpenSearch Service Indexing of data for searching and logging with Kibana dashboard
Amazon CloudFront CDN service for distributing vehicle update packages to the edge
Amazon Elastic Cache Managed in-memory data store
Amazon SQS Fully managed message queuing service
Amazon ECR Fully-managed container registry
Amazon Prometheus Open-source monitoring and alerting system
Amazon Grafana Open-source analytics and monitoring platform