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eSync and eDatX solutions are both available on AWS

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Excelfore is the largest market leading provider of over-the-air (OTA), in-vehicle network stack and diagnostic solutions for the  automotive industry.  Excelfore is the leading provider of secure and automated policy-driven device management solutions including OTA, Diagnostics, Data Aggregation and Analytics for the automotive industry.  It has over 20 million vehicles under deployment contracts with over 10 global automotive OEMs in 14 car models.

Case Study: Maruti-Suzuki

Building a Scalable Standardized Pipeline for Automotive OTA

This blog co-authored with AWS describes how Excelfore was able to deliver a scalable cloud based automotive OTA solution for an Automotive OEM, Suzuki, that runs on a Telematics Unit provided by Automotive Tier1 supplier, Ficosa. We also discuss how the eSync Alliance, a consortium of the automotive industry that promotes a multi-company standard for OTA.

What’s It Like at Excelfore?

It’s all about technical excellence. Software, hardware, electro-mechanical interfaces, human interfaces, scalability, connectivity, security and reliability … at Excelfore you touch the whole project, not just a little piece. It’s all hands-on. Everyone is a contributor. We keep our organization flat, we work directly with our customers, we drive ourselves, we support each other, we innovate, we solve problems.