The eLearnTM Platform

The eLearnTM Platform is a complete closed-loop system for fleet and vehicle performance, analysis, and improvement. It uses pattern-recognition techniques for machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve utilization, safety, efficiency, and satisfaction. The eLearn Platform analyzes data originating from vehicles, such as sensor readings and vehicle location, and data originating from other sources, such as road and weather conditions, to provide suggestions and discover trends. Suggestions include better driver assistance and vehicle routing; trends uncover usage and utilization patterns, vehicle wear, and other correlatable events. Analytical conclusions from the eLearn Platform can be fed back to vehicles via eSync OTA to enhance all aspects of vehicle performance.

eSync Telematics

eSync Telematics Server is a scalable, robust and highly-available cloud-based telematics platform primarily for the automotive markets. It is capable of gathering, analyzing and presenting sensor data of all types. eSync Telematics is designed to be integrated with a wide range of third-party databases and CRM systems.

eSync Diagnostics

Diagnostic Agents

In the vehicle, diagnostic information is collected by the Update/Diagnostic Agent.

eSync Diagnostics Server

The eSync Diagnostic Server collects all types of vehicle diagnostic information from the vehicle. It can issue diagnostic queries and record responses.

Extending Software Updates

Diagnostics-Over-IP (DoIP) can be used to extend the reach of over-the-air software updates. Use of a DoIP Gateway permits discovery of all components in the vehicle system and establishes an IP-addressable route to each one.

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