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High-Performance Networking with Ethernet TSN /AVB Solutions


In-Vehicle Network Overview

IP-based Networking

Bringing Ethernet to Automotive

The Power of TSN and AVB

The Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) needs high-performance networking, IP addressing and security, which are available with Ethernet but not with CAN. 


Automotive applications also require guaranteed latencies, guaranteed bandwidth and redundancy for safety critical systems which are not available with basic Ethernet.


That’s why you need Ethernet TSN from Excelfore.

Key Features

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Multi OS Support

Excelfore protocol stacks are supported on POSIX and real- time operating systems including: Android, AUTOSAR classic, AUTOSAR adaptive, FreeRTOS, Integrity, Linux, QNX and µVelOSity.

Multi Platform Support

Excelfore protocol stacks are available for the most popular networking and SoC semiconductor platforms including those from: Broadcom, Marvell, NXP, Renesas, STMicro and Texas instruments.

Use Case

Explore Our Innovative Application


Fully Networked Vehicle

An innovative player in the automotive industry introduced a new platform in 2023 which provides comprehensive connectivity throughout the vehicle, including:


Vehicle Network Gateway


Software Defined Cockpit


Radar processor


Battery Management System


Zonal Controllers


Driver Monitoring System


LiDAR processor

Devices running 6 different OS environments, including a safety certified RTOS, work together in a seamless whole with precision signal synchronization and prioritization.


The many devices on this networked solution are also integrated with the cloud, using the eSync data pipeline with full vehicle OTA and data aggregation using eDatX.

Fully Networked Vehicle-1

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Explore Latency and TSN in Software-Defined Vehicles| Excelfore

Developing Software-Defined Vehicles poses numerous challenges to bring them into reality.


How the YANG/NETCONF Duo Enhance Vehicle Connectivity and Safety

The technology connecting ECUs inside vehicles is now gradually shifting to Ethernet.

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What sets us
apart from the others around?


In-Vehicle Network (AVB, TSN) Stack Brief

Our Guarantee

Delivering Seamless Connectivity and Reliable Updates

Faster Time to Market

At Excelfore, we provide standards-based solutions with powerful tools to drive faster in-vehicle and cloud integrations.

Through Leaders in Automotive Connectivity

From the first AVNU-certified AVB protocol stacks, to the first implementation of a full eSync OTA stack, Excelfore leads the way in connected technologies.

Driving Standards and Interoperability

Excelfore actively drives standards and interoperability for in-vehicle networking and cloud connectivity.

Building Trust Through Partnership

Seamless integration is crucial to successful adoption of any technology. As your trusted partner, we provide comprehensive support throughout the integration process.