Vehicle Data Platforms

Over-the-air (OTA) Pipeline, Data Aggregation and Last Meter Connect

Excelfore provides the end-to-end platform for the digital lifecycle management of edge devices in heterogeneous environments with a focus on Automotive systems.  Excelfore has enabled automotive OEMs to build the next generation of connected cars and autonomous vehicles.  Excelfore solutions include the eSync OTA pipeline, eDatX data aggregation, in-vehicle network (IVN) protocol stacks as well as the associated infrastructure for fleet-level learning.

Over-the-air (OTA) Pipeline

The eSync System for OTA Updates and Diagnostics

The Excelfore eSync System provides a secure path to exchange information between cloud-based servers and vehicles. This includes downstream data push such as over-the-air software and firmware updates, and upstream data pull such as device status, error codes, performance metrics and other diagnostic data.

eSync components in the cloud and in the vehicle create a secure bidirectional pipeline that reaches from the server not just to the head unit or vehicle gateway, but all the way to the end devices in the vehicle. Both downstream and upstream data is compressed and encrypted from origin to end point, providing end-to-end security with full data integrity. The eSync System is compatible with all popular automotive processors and operating systems.

Data Aggregation

The eDatX™ Platform

eDatX seamlessly integrates with the eSync data pipeline, to manage the flow of data from all electronic devices across any number of vehicles. eDatX offers a secure service oriented architecture to provide access to the data from heterogeneous networks to drive system efficiencies, learning cycles, and data monetization opportunities in the automotive and related markets

In Vehicle Networks

Time Sensitive Network for ADAS, IVI & DoIP

Excelfore has developed and deployed scalable architecture for high-speed networking solutions. The complexity of modern in-vehicle networks demands software that integrates all types of networks and busses, whether on high-end processors or simple ECUs. Ethernet, scalable to multiple gigabits of speed, provides a common backbone that can move traffic to and from CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and other busses. Excelfore protocol software brings new technology to automotive networks. Our implementations of AVB/TSN, DoIP, and UDS provides interoperability across a wide range of devices, from simple sensors and actuators to cameras and video displays and to the most powerful ECUs and headunits. The Excelfore eAVB/TSN™ stack has been designed to work across all types of operating systems, from Linux to Android to ‘primitive’ simple operating systems, or even systems with no standard OS at all. We are working on the next generation architecture for OEMs and Tier-1s.

An Industry-Wide Platform for OTA and Diagnostics

The eSync Alliance

The connected car will not reach its potential as long as different Tier-1 suppliers each pursue their own unique approach. Now is the time for the automotive industry to come together on common platforms for cloud-based data correspondence to and from the car.

Along with industry leaders, Excelfore has co-founded the eSync Alliance, a multi-company initiative to drive a common architecture and APIs for secure OTA updates and diagnostics reaching from the cloud all the way to the many ECUs and sensors in tomorrow’s connected cars.



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