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Red Hat Collaboration of Openshift with eSync OTA | Excelfore

Combining OpenShift Hybrid Cloud with eSync Alliance Standardized OTA

A new white paper explores how the open source hybrid cloud using OpenShift from Red Hat and eSync standard-based OTA edge management from Excelfore can seamlessly work together.   LINK

Openshift provides an easy uniform approach to connect to various cloud provider interfaces without requiring customization for each. The fact that it is open source gives confidence to the adopters.

The Excelfore implementation of the eSync OTA platform for software updates and data gathering allows companies to conduct edge device management using the APIs defined in the eSync Alliance specifications. This provides further transparency to adopters of the proposed solution.  With the growing eSync ecosystem, companies can now choose from multiple suppliers who can provide eSync compliant interchangeable components, or even do it themselves.

The automotive industry is beset by multiple cloud solutions and proprietary OTA implementations, causing burgeoning costs and development cycles. The costs of changing proprietary implementations is high, placing added burdens on oft-needed architectural updates to software. Standardization is needed.

Open approaches of both Red Hat and Excelfore are creating alternatives to alleviate this mounting problem in the automotive industry.

About Excelfore
Excelfore is accelerating vehicle data services by unifying edge systems with the Cloud. Excelfore’s innovative solutions include the eSync OTA, eDatX data aggregation, eLearn analytics platforms and in-vehicle networking protocol stacks. The eSync OTA platform is based on the eSync Alliance standard which enables connected cars, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Excelfore customers include the top tier global OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry and its solutions are driving millions of vehicles globally. Excelfore is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, and has offices in Shanghai, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Bangalore.


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