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Excelfore announces that the company’s eSync Agent Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) is now available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace:   LINK

With this SDK an engineering team can immediately and independently begin connecting devices to the Azure cloud and updating them over-the-air. You get real world experience with a multi-company standard for OTA, without multi-million-dollar, multi-year development decisions based on vendor presentations and promises.

The SDK provides you with a working solution for building and exercising OTA capabilities to you own edge device(s).  The SDK includes dowloadable code for the eSync Client, and a dowloadable template eSync Agent that can be modified for your edge device(s).  When you purchase the SDK you will activate an account on the eSync Server on Azure, allowing you to log in, upload your own software images, and build campaigns to download your software and install it into your edge devices using eSync.

The SDK includes access to the eSync Campaign Manager application on the Azure cloud.  You access this application to upload your authenticated software components, and to assemble those software components into packages that can be scheduled into campaigns for downloading and installation into your edge device(s).

Within the eSync Server-Client-Agent architecture it is the Agents that effectively abstract the unique characteristics of diverse edge devices into a common data pipeline.  eSync Agents are customized to control the installation of software into the edge device(s), and to initiate and terminate the data flow from the edge device(s) to the cloud. Through the customization of Agents the eSync pipeline is able to accommodate the great diversity of edge devices that may be connected.

The Excelfore eSync Agent SDK provides a productive and accessible tool for plugging in to the world of OTA.  You can get started on the road to reaching your device(s) from the Microsoft Azure Cloud in a matter of minutes.

eSync is a multi-company specification promoted by the eSync Alliance. It can securely deliver and update software and firmware over the air, while collecting real-time operational data from in-car devices including telematics units, ECUs (electronic control units), network gateways, and smart sensors. With a global network of co-operating suppliers, the eSync data pipeline helps carmakers avoid costly and inconvenient vehicle recalls, and enables vehicle software and features to be updated in the field.

About Excelfore
Excelfore is accelerating vehicle data services by unifying edge systems with the Cloud. Excelfore’s innovative solutions include the eSync OTA, eDatX data aggregation, eLearn analytics platforms and in-vehicle networking protocol stacks. The eSync OTA platform is based on the eSync Alliance standard which enables connected cars, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Excelfore customers include the top tier global OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry and its solutions are driving millions of vehicles globally. Excelfore is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, and has offices in Shanghai, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Bangalore.


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