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Excelfore collaborates with Microsoft on Automotive OTA

  • Excelfore makes eSync data pipeline available through Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform for Over-the-Air updates, diagnostics and telematics
  • Excelfore working with Microsoft on scenario development and product integration
  • eSync will be showcased as a solution accelerator for Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

Fremont, Calif., September 9, 2019 – Excelfore, an innovator in automotive over-the-air (OTA) and data aggregation technologies, announces that its eSync bi-directional data pipeline has been migrated to Microsoft Azure for OTA updating.  The eSync pipeline will be demonstrated as a Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform accelerator.

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform combines cloud and edge services built on Microsoft Azure with a strong partner network to empower automotive companies to build connected driving experiences.

Read more about Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform partners, and MCVP at IAA, the Frankfurt Auto Show, on the Microsoft blog.

The eSync platform employs a server-client-agent architecture to build a scalable and secure bi-directional data pipeline between the cloud and the various electronic end devices in a vehicle. It can update software and firmware over-the-air (OTA), and can collect real-time operating data from any of the end devices in the vehicle. The bi-directional capability of the eSync data pipeline provides the basis for aggregating “big data” and building interactive learning loops between the cloud and the many controllers and sensors in the vehicle.  The scalability of the eSync platform has helped OEM’s  achieve  full-vehicle OTA to dozens of in-vehicle electronic devices in 2019 production vehicles.

“We envision this collaboration as combining Excelfore’s extensive experience in reaching all of the electronic devices in a car, with the global cloud expertise of Microsoft,” said Shrinath Acharya, CEO of Excelfore. He continued, adding, “The world’s leading companies run on Azure, and we are enthusiastic to offer Excelfore eSync as a Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform accelerator.”

Tara Prakriya, General Manager, Azure IoT Mobility, Maps, and Connected Vehicles at Microsoft said, “Excelfore has integrated their proven data pipeline with Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform’s in vehicle and cloud architecture to reach any number of end devices in the connected car. OTA updates and data gathering are increasingly important technologies for the digital transformation of the automotive market.”

Excelfore provides a full implementation of the eSync pipeline, including the server in  Microsoft Azure , the client in the vehicle, and agents for the end devices.  The specifications for the eSync data pipeline and eSync compliant components can be accessed through the eSync Alliance, an open multi-company trade association.  

About Excelfore

Excelfore, located in Silicon Valley, is unlocking automotive data through innovative platforms for connected cars, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.  Excelfore products include protocol stacks for in-vehicle networking, as well as a full implementation of the eSync™ bi-directional pipeline for OTA software updates and data gathering.  Excelfore has headquarters in the Silicon Valley in California, USA, and has offices in China, Germany, Japan, and India.  


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