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Enhance Automotive Innovation with eSync OTA | Excelfore

General Problem Area:

Autonomous driving technology is advancing rapidly.  The ability to continuously update complex software stacks is increasingly critical to ensure the success of any autonomous driving platform.

Automotive Deployment

PlusAI is a leading AI-based autonomous technology company that provides an autonomous driving platform for commercial vehicles. PlusAI has been selected to provide its platform for long-haul trucks across North America.


  • PlusAI software stack is large and complex
  • It is evolving rapidly and hence needs to be updated frequently
  • The operational costs needs to be within budget


  • Excelfore eSync on the AWS Cloud
  • eSync Client and eSync Agent for the autonomous platform
  • Excelfore adaptive delta compression send differential files based on the software version installed in each individual vehicle
  • Reduced payload sizes mean frequent updates can be delivered within the same operational budget
  • The system has been performing operational OTA updates across North America continuously since mid-2022 and is ramping in production for new units

AWS managed services currently utilized are:

AWS Managed Service Purpose
Amazon EKS Fully hosted scalable Kubernetes control plane
Amazon RDS Postgres engine for OTA payload and status database
Amazon MQ Messaging broker service
Amazon CloudFront CDN service for distributing vehicle update packages to the edge
Amazon Elastic Cache Managed in-memory data store
Amazon ECR Fully-managed container registry
Amazon Prometheus Open-source monitoring and alerting system
Amazon Grafana Open-source analytics and monitoring platform


The Excelfore eSync OTA solution enables more frequent updates to drive faster advancement of the technology for both PlusAI and its customers.  This capability is helping to enable more efficient trucks.

We decided to work with Excelfore because eSync OTA is proven on the AWS Cloud.  There are millions of vehicles using eSync on the AWS cloud today.  Excelfore’s Adaptive Delta compression reduces the size of our updates, which saves money on operations allowing us to do more frequent updates and provide our customers with a better autonomous platform.

 Yewei Peng, VP of Data, PlusAI Inc.


PlusAI uses Excelfore eSync on the AWS Cloud to provide more frequent updates to its customers, driving faster advancement of autonomous driving technology, while still maintaining operational costs within budget.

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