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Excelfore at Telematics India 2016


Excelfore CEO Shrinath Acharya gave a talk during the “Connected Vehicles” session at the Telematics India 2016 conference on September 21-22, in Bangaluru, India.

He spoke about Excelfore’s cloud-based platform for eSync (SOTA updating), eMatics (vehicle telematics) and eCam (vehicle sensor fusion).

His presentation highlighted how software issues were the cause of about 5% of vehicle recalls as recently as five years ago, but have now ballooned to as much as 20%.  With the industry’s current trajectory by 2025 we can expect 50-60% of all recalls to be software-related. This reflects $20-25 billion in real costs that can be saved through cogent and secure SOTA solutions.

He emphasized that there is still room for innovation in business models to support and link SOTA and vehicle telematics technologies which can provide even greater economies to the automotive eco system, and suggested that geography-specific solutions will likely be required to address geography-specific market issues.

If you are interested in learning more about Excelfore’s eSync SOTA solution, eMatics vehicle telematics solution, or eCam sensor fusion technology, we invite you to contact us at: .

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