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Excelfore wins Best of Show Award for Innovation Demo

On October 18-21, 2016, the global development community of the GENIVI Alliance ( ) met in Burlingame, California to explore the alliance’s most recent technology advancements in open source in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and connected car software.

Program themes included:
• Connected vehicles in the context of smart cities, smart infrastructure, and smart transportation
• Connecting vehicles to the cloud and the huge potential of big data
• Start-ups and the innovation they can bring to the automotive industry

The program events on October 19 closed with a demonstration showcase and reception where 45 GENIVI member companies showed their latest advancements and products using GENIVI technologies. At this event Excelfore was awarded Best of Show, New Innovation Demo by a vote of GENIVI members.

Excelfore demonstrated the eSync full vehicle software over-the-air (SOTA) updating solution on Mentor’s GENIVI-compliant Connected OS head unit software suite. eSync integrates the Excelfore DMClient with the GENIVI Network Data Transfer, Persistence, Device Connectivity and File System Control components of the OS, allowing full system and incremental updates to the head unit as well as downstream ECUs and sensors.

At the product showcase these capabilities were demonstrated live. Hardware for the demo consisted of an open-chassis head unit platform with a display, and two downstream ECUs (a digital radio tuner, and a tire-pressure monitor).

Visitors to the Excelfore and Mentor booths were able to see:

1) Updates for the head unit, and/or for one or both of the two ECUs, were assigned as payloads using the Excelfore eSync campaign editor on an iPad. A new SOTA campaign was then initiated, with filters for vehicles, time of day, duration of campaign, etc.

2) The Excelfore eCloud cloud-based hosting and distribution network then implemented the campaign, linking to the Excelfore eSync DMClient embedded in the IVI head unit and downstream ECUs. The content displayed on the head unit screen, or the functionality of the ECUs, then changed in real time, as the updated code became operational.

3) The eSync Campaign Editor then reported back the metrics from the campaign, including the number of successful updates, the number of updates still pending, and number of failed updates, with full record of VINs for each category.

4) Excelfore also demonstrated SOTA-capable low-cost multi sensor AVB/TSN connectivity using the Excelfore eAVB network stack integrated into Excelfore eCam camera modules, showing multiple low-latency high resolution video streams and image data (for example for rear-camera parking assist overlay) over simple twisted pair wire interface, through a network switch to the IVI via Ethernet.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of Excelfore’s eSync SOTA solution, please contact us at

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