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Lead the Global Automotive Sector with eSync OTA | Excelfore

General Problem Area

Asian automotive markets are price sensitive and demand an efficient total cost of ownership for their vehicles.

Automotive OEM

Multiple lines of Suzuki cars are built by Maruti-Suzuki India Limited (MSIL)- a subsidiary of Suzuki of Japan.  MSIL is the largest domestic passenger car manufacturer in India.

 The Challenge:

  • Ficosa supplies Telematics units to a variety of MSIL vehicles
  • Ficosa needed to keep the TCU current for security updates and improved connectivity
  • The markets for small economical cars served by MSIL demand an efficient TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • MSIL required Ficosa to avoid the high cost and inconvenience of software related recalls
  • Ficosa needed the ability to adapt and grow the solution for the future
  • The Ficosa solution needed to work even on low-bandwidth legacy cellular networks

Our Solution:

  • Excelfore eSync OTA on the AWS Cloud
  • eSync Client in the Telematics unit
  • eSync Agents for other devices to be updated
  • Ficosa performs OTA updates using the eSync servers hosted by Excelfore on the AWS Cloud
  • The system has been performing operational OTA updates continuously since mid-2020 and is still in production for new units

AWS managed services currently utilized are:

AWS Managed Service Purpose
Amazon EKS Fully hosted scalable Kubernetes control plane
Amazon RDS Postgres engine for OTA payload and status database
Amazon MQ Messaging broker service
Amazon CloudFront CDN service for distributing vehicle update packages to the edge
Amazon Elastic Cache Managed in-memory data store
Amazon ECR Fully-managed container registry
Amazon Prometheus Open-source monitoring and alerting system
Amazon Grafana Open-source analytics and monitoring platform


  • Excelfore eSync OTA manages fractional payloads in low-bandwidth legacy cellular environments
  • eSync on AWS provides state-of-the-art Cybersecurity
  • Excelfore eSync OTA seamlessly adapts to new connected devices within the vehicle
  • Excelfore eSync OTA easily migrates to new model vehicles

We chose the eSync OTA platform because it provides a robust, secure vehicle-to-cloud data pipeline that is compatible with multiple operating systems and in-vehicle networks. This gives us the flexibility and scalability to adapt and grow the solution over future years, and to add OTA updating for more components, with a common platform to serve many generations of Ficosa products and OEM vehicles.

 Joan Palacin, Advanced Communications Business Unit Director at Ficosa


Excelfore eSync on the AWS Cloud provides Ficosa with a scalable and secure OTA platform that allows for efficient OTA updates for Telematics units and other connected devices in MSIL vehicles. This enables improved connectivity, reduced costs associated with software-related recalls, and the ability to adapt and grow the solution for the future.

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