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eSync Software Over the Air updates | Excelfore

eSync™ is an end-to-end Cloud platform for securely delivering software over the air (SOTA) and firmware over the air (FOTA). eSync updates vehicle components including Headunit Components (e.g. System Partition, Guest OS, Primary OS, Kernel, Drivers, HMI), and Electronic Control Units (ECU) connected to vehicle networks including LIN, CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet.

Excelfore has extended its Cloud Platform to enable Software Over the Air (SOTA) Updating for full life cycle management of Automotive Headunits and Components.


Updater Formats

  • Complete Updater for Initialization
  • Delta Updater- Minimize Download Size
  • Background Updater- Minimize Interruption

Advanced Security

  • Multi-Stage Security
  • Enhanced Hash functions
  • Multiple-levels of encryptions
  • Content-Delivery Network (CDN) integration
  • End to end cloud to component security

Fault Tolerance

  • Fault-Tolerant Update Integrity
  • Single-Core and Multi-Core Updates

Device Independent

  • OMA Compatible

Fast Integration into Client Devices

  • Over 15-years of delivery experience on automotive platforms


  • OMA Compatible
  • Creates and delivers package sizes for faster transmission and update
  • Complete, Differential and Incremental Software Updater
  • Patented Adaptive Compression and M2M Technology

Please Contact Us so that we can discuss how Excelfore can help you with reducing warranty and recall costs.

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