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eCam- A Part of its Sensor Fusion Offering | Excelfore

Excelfore announces its first eCam licensee
Ethernet Audio-Video Bridging (AVB) Camera Electronics Design demonstrtaion at Convergence 2014 and IEEE Ethernet Day in Detroit


Camera electronics design for surround-view and rear-view application incorporates STMicro STV0991 camera processor silicon and the STMicro VG6640 HDR Imager



Detroit, Michigan, 20 October 2014 – Excelfore, an innovative provider of Cloud and AVB interconnect technologies for the automotive and professional AV markets, announced today the availability of eCam, an advanced camera electronics design incorporating Ethernet AVB.

Silicon Micro-sensor, GmbH will become the first licensee of Excelfore’s firmware which will be incorporated into SMS’s established automotive line of standard cameras. Excelfore will demonstrate the SMS camera and the enhanced AVB Software stack at Convergence and IEEE Ethernet Day conferences in Detroit, Michigan this week.

“SMS is excited to be rapidly bring its first AVB camera to market incorporating the Excelfore camera schematic design and firmware.” said Erik Busse, Head of Development Department, Cameras and Optical Sensor, Silicon Micro Sensor. “This camera, which will be production ready in Q1 2015, is based on the low-latency camera architecture of STMicroelectronics STV0991 and Silicon Micro Sensor’s design and manufacturing capabilities for automotive cameras.”

“As a pioneer in the development of AVB, we are happy to make the camera electronics design available to our first partner, SMS, who can bring their camera product to market quickly for integration with automotive applications”, said Shrikant Acharya, CTO of Excelfore Corporation. “This intelligent camera will rapidly become a key component of ADAS by reducing ECU computation requirements.”

The STV0991 is an advanced chip in the market with a built-in 2MB program RAM and 2 MB Flash incorporating specialized graphics, option of either MJPEG or H.264 compression and provision for image meta-data (e.g. optical flow, edges). It’s pre-processing function simplifies the ECU design incorporating multiple cameras for automotive OEMs.

The AVB camera is designed for automotive and industrial environments, and is housed in a small robust package. It has an image resolution of 1304×980 pixels and can deliver up to 60fps in 720p mode. Camera has a horizontal field of view (HFOV) of over 185°.

This camera, validated using AVB Switches, is a strong contender for modern automotive applications due to its following features:

  • In-camera Image metrics to support ADAS computations
    • Optical Flow
    • Edge Detection
    • Secondary channel provides meta-data
  • HDR image processing
  • MJPEG or H.264 video encoding with ultra-low latency
  • Fisheye image correction
  • Graphics overlay
  • Video analytics

The AVB compliant camera responds to specific requirements of operating performance in terms of robustness, latency, and multi-camera exposure synchronization. It follows ISO17215 standard for control protocol. The typical automotive applications include ADAS, Rear-View Camera and Surround-View Camera. More info is available at

Technology Demonstrations at Convergence 2014, and IEEE Ethernet Technology Day Conferences

Excelfore is demonstrating its AVB and Infotainment technologies at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan at the following two shows:

1) Convergence booth # 437, from 21-22 October 2014

2) IEEE Ethernet Technology Day booth # 312, from 23-24 October 2014

About Excelfore

Excelfore Corporation, located in Silicon Valley, is an innovative provider of AVB inter-connect technologies for professional and automotive markets.
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