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AVnu Alliance Partners for TSN Certification | Excelfore

The Excelfore Japan facility
The Excelfore Japan facility lies across the famed Rainbow Bridge in Setagaya City, Tokyo.

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is an evolution of Ethernet, adding support for real-time networking applications, such as synchronized audio and video for entertainment, and deterministic network latencies and redundancy for safety-critical control. Building on a foundation of the earlier AVB (Audio Video Bridging) specifications, TSN provides the time-sensitive capabilities needed in many applications.

The Avnu Alliance, an industry consortium driving open, standards-based deterministic networking, announced a comprehensive update of its TSN certification testing procedures at newly authorized, commercial test houses around the world. Avnu has chosen the Excelfore engineering facility in Tokyo, Japan as one of the four new registered test labs.


“Excelfore is pleased to participate in the Avnu TSN and Milan certification program” said Shrikant Acharya, CTO of Excelfore Corporation. “We are strong supporters of standardization and began working with AVB/TSN in 2011.”

“Our own protocol stacks have been Avnu certified since 2016, and we have a deep appreciation of the need for rigorous independent 3rd party testing to ensure compliance and interoperability,” added Acharya. “Our Japan team stands ready to help others achieve Avnu certification, as we work together to establish fully interoperable TSN devices for mainstream use in time-sensitive applications.”

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