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High Performance Edge Network (HPEN) Stacks


Excelfore has implemented Ethernet AVB/TSN and has installed it on a number of different operating systems and ECUs. Our eAVB/TSNTM was the first implementation to be certified by AVnu for both the ‘talker’ and ‘listener’ functions. Our eAVB/TSN is running in cameras, video displays, headunits, even ECUs. It also runs in network gateways so that CAN, LIN, and other busses can be reached by Ethernet. It has been ported to automotive-grade Linux, Android, and Real-time OSs (RTOS) including FreeRTOS.

Imagine Nano-second accuracy

Demonstration of high-precision Ethernet Time Sensitive Networking showcasing the Excelfore TSN protocol stack achieving synchronization with 10 nanosecond accuracy using the latest Texas Instruments Ethernet PHY transceivers.

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With Diagnostics over IP, UDS diagnostic services are used over TCP/IP and Ethernet. Diagnostics over IP extends the functionality of UDS to all networks. Excelfore implements DoIP in its eSync Client, so that OEMs have access to this diagnostic technique for the entire vehicle, whether the ECU is Ethernet-based or CAN.

Extending Software Updates

Diagnostics-Over-IP (DoIP) can be used to extend the reach of over-the-air software updates. Use of a DoIP Gateway permits discovery of all components in the vehicle system and establishes an IP-addressable route to each one. It also permits software access to registers within each component, and it provides the method to reflash the component.

In the service bay, troubleshooting and repairs are simplified because all components in the system are accessible from one test port. This can be diagnostics equipment located in the dealership, or it can be tests run remotely from the OEM.


Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) is a diagnostic communication protocol for ECUs that has been widely implemented in CAN-based systems. There are 26 basic UDS commands, grouped into six categories. They permit data transfers in both directions and allow an external test system to issue various commands to the ECU and receive responses. The ECU can be reset or reflashed as well. Excelfore supports UDS and uses it as part of the eSync Client to communicate with all UDS-compatible devices within the vehicle.

What’s It Like at Excelfore?

It’s all about technical excellence. Software, hardware, electro-mechanical interfaces, human interfaces, scalability, connectivity, security and reliability … at Excelfore you touch the whole project, not just a little piece. It’s all hands-on. Everyone is a contributor. We keep our organization flat, we work directly with our customers, we drive ourselves, we support each other, we innovate, we solve problems.