The eSync OTA Pipeline

The eSyncTM System has components in the cloud and in the vehicle. In the cloud, there are eSync Servers for updates, diagnostics, and telematics. There is also a Campaign Manager cloud-based application. In the vehicle, there is one eSync Client and multiple eSync Agents for updates and diagnostics. Combined, these components provide a secure path for over-the-air (OTA) updates down to multiple end devices in vehicle, as well as diagnostics and telematics upstream to the cloud.

Product Demonstration Videos

The eSyncTM System has been developed to provide specific capabilities under a set of guiding principles.

  • It is a single solution for data-push and data-pull. It can push data to the vehicle, for OTA updating of software and firmware. It also has the ability to pull data from the vehicle, for purposes of diagnosing and tracking vehicle status and performance.
  • It reaches all the way to ECUs, sensors, and actuators, and is designed to reach any number of devices inside the vehicle.
  • It provides end-to-end security. All OTA and diagnostic traffic is fully encrypted all the way from the Server to the Update Agent. The eSync System implements authentication in both directions. Authentication makes use of Public/Private Key (asymmetric) cryptographic technology.
  • It is policy-driven. Policies for OTA updates are established by the OEM during creation of the OTA campaign. The policy engine architecture allows for customized policies to be created for an OEM’s particular needs.
  • It scales to a virtually unlimited number of vehicles.
  • It is modular. Boundaries of software components are well defined, and Excelfore makes the APIs available for these boundaries. The eSync System operates as a complete system, but each component can be licensed separately.

Additional Features

  • Fault-tolerant – The eSyncTM System is highly tolerant of faults or glitches during the update process.
  • Adaptive Delta Compression Engine minimizes vehicle downtime cause by software updates.

What’s It Like at Excelfore?

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